Fizzy Apple Green Tea
10 mins
Apple (Red or Green) One large
Green Tea 2 teabags
Cinnamon Powder a generous pinch
Honey 1 tbsp
Lemon Juice 2 tbsp
Lemon Slices few
Soda Water as required
Ice Cubes few
Cut the apple into half and remove the core with seeds. Place the apple skin side down in a microwave and cook it for 3 min on high or till it becomes pulp but holds the shape. Remove, sprinkle with cinnamon powder and carefully using a fork or spoon remove the pulp from the skin. Let it cool completely.

Take a cup of hot boiling water, add green tea and brew it for 2 mins. Cool the brew.

Add the apple pulp and green tea brew to a cocktail shaker along with honey, lemon juice and a few ice cubes. Close and shake it for a minute or two. Pour it out equally into 2 glasses and top it up with soda water and serve.