Creamy Pea Soup with Yogurt
20 mins
Green Peas 500 gm
Dill Leaves (or Mint Leaves or Coriander Leaves) ¼ cup, chopped
Salt as per taste
Yogurt/Curd 3 tbsp, low fat
Pepper as per taste
Garlic cloves 1 no
Butter 1 tbsp
Mint leaves handful
Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Add green peas and boiling until the peas are soft.

Remove them into a bowl of chilled water to stop the cooking. Now add them into a blender alone with garlic clove, salt, pepper and a little water left after straining the peas. Make a smooth paste of the peas.

Return the pea puree to the pan add butter bring to a boil and then simmer it is thick but pouring consistency. Stir in chopped dill/mint/coriander, salt and pepper. While serving add a spoon of yogurt in the soup and mix well.