Beetroot Bread Pakoda
15 mins
Beetroot (boiled) 2 (small)
Potato (boiled) 1 no (small)
Garlic 2-3 cloves, chopped
Curry Leaves few
Asafoetida (hing) 1 tsp
Coriander Powder 1 tsp
Chilli Ginger Paste 1 tsp
Mustard Seeds 1/2 tsp
Salt as per taste
Bread Slices 4 nos
Garlic Chutney 1 tbsp
Coriander Chutney 1 tbsp
Besan 1/2 cup
Saffola Oil as needed
Wash and pressure cook beetroots and potato. Once cooked & cooled, peel the skin and mash it. Keep it aside.

Make a slurry of besan, salt and hing with required amount of water. Don’t make it too thick or too runny.

In a pan, heat a tsp of oil and add mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves. Then add the garlic, ginger chilli paste and cook for a few seconds. Add coriander powder, salt and the mashed beetroot mix. Mix it well. Turn off the heat. Remove it in a bowl and let it cool.

Meanwhile, apply garlic and coriander chutney on two slices of bread each. Spread the beetroot mixture evenly on garlic chutney slice and cover it with the coriander chutney slice. Cut into half each.

In a pan, heat little oil. Dip these bread pieces in besan and shallow fry them on both sides until crisp.

Serve hot with ketchup.